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About Us

We are a young creative team composed of exceptional specialists who always create something unique. That is us!

Our team is composed of top and experienced people who have rich experience from many successful projects. We can help you with your idea and thanks to our quality technology, our proposal will always be unique. Our production is able to deliver full service for even the most demanding clients.

We are always able to deliver and design creative solutions that will be suited directly to your needs. Whether it is about video clips, commercials, TV series or video portfolio.

Our production team provides you full service including new ideas, screenplay, stage properties, artists, photo reports, aftermovie, making off and all the things you might wish. Company founded by people who love their job and everything regarding production.

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Production “Full Service” Services

Our production is fully able to create your project to your very specific needs. Tell us your idea and we will create a complete production project from writing a screenplay to the final product, including everything associated with outcome production. We have a unique locations, original ideas, time flexibility and experienced actors and we will get your film project to the top through an extensive media campaign.

Video Portfolio

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is even more. We've adopted modern and desired technology to create a video portfolio. Using video you can tell everything with a much larger and longer-term effect. We will catch your personality, charisma, commitment, and you will not have to say a single word.

Shooting of films, videos and commercials

No matter how difficult, filming in top quality is no problem for us. Looking for professionals to make films, videos or commercials? Thanks to our quality technology and experienced cameramen, together with the creative team we ensure production (CPC) and shooting exactly to your liking.

Graphic design

Graphic of production sheets. We are creative, because we have experience from various fields. We can design your banners, business cards, and logos of companies, to make you different.


MTR Production s.r.o. | Rybná 716/24, Staré Město, 110 00 Praha 1 | IČ: 01867539 DIČ: CZ01867539

Phone: +420 770 12 29 29 | Email:

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